Choosing the tough battles

Last week I went to an event focused on startups and healthcare IT. The best line of the night was from a panelist who said: “Healthcare puts the ‘no’ in innovation.”

It was a great line.

I listened to the conversation after that line, and I thought, wow: Shift Labs has a tough road: we’re not IT; we’re an actual hardware play in one of the slowest, most regulated industries around. But it’s also one of the most exciting places to be —  precisely for the same reasons. When you put something that is beautifully designed in front of a clinician and watch their eyes light up, it’s an amazing moment.

There’s no shortage of people who inspire us at Shift Labs. Whether it’s the thoughtful, human-centered designs produced at non-profits by people like Timothy Prostero and his colleagues at Design that Matters or Krista Donaldson and her colleagues D-Rev, or programs like the Inclusive Healthcare Innovation Initiative at the Bertha Centre led by  Dr. Lindi van Niekerk at the University of Capetown there are passionate people throughout the world committed to bringing meaningful change to how we provide healthcare to all.

Know more people working in this space? Let us know! We’re working on a page with links to the broader community, and we want to make sure we cast the net widely.


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