Fund This: “Gravitylight: lighting for developing countries.”

One of the great things about our work is that we have an excuse to jump through the wormhole of the internet, following random links to search for cool stuff being done by cool people. Here’s one we think is beyond cool, and we want to call this one out with a shout of  “Fund This.” So — meet the Gravitylight by Martin Riddiford and Jim Reeves.


The Gravitylight exemplifies what Shift Labs stands for: a simple solution to a problem that directly affects people’s quality of life. Many residents of rural communities burn kerosene for light, which is not only expensive, but can result in serious health issues. Riddiford and Reeves have created the Gravitylight as a solution to this problem that does not rely on solar panels or batteries to run, creating a simple, sustainable device that can provide a lasting source of light.

While we know the Gravitylight has already reached (way past) its funding goal, money that the team receives goes directly toward providing Gravitylights for more families, as well as research and development costs for a second iteration of the light. A contribution as small as $10 can help, and for $60, you will receive your own Gravitylight. This is a beautiful, simple solution, that you should learn more about on their indiegogo page before the campaign closes on January 15.