Rapid Prototyping

One of the things we’re really proud of here is our collective excitement about rapid prototyping. We all love making things, and we especially love making things out of stuff laying around. It’s a challenge, to see how much functionality you can get out of a junk drawer.

When we started talking about forming Shift, we began with trying to find a good problem to solve. None of us are especially excited about technology in search of a problem. So we talked to doctors. Lots of them. With lots of experience working in austere settings. (That’s what medical people call ‘low resource environments’.) From all those interviews we identified a couple problems that clinicians face. And from there we did some sketching, and we dug through some drawers, and we roughed up a functional spec, and we built something.

Now we’re iterating that original design, and we’re about to begin working on a housing, and in a few weeks we’re going to try some field tests. But we’re making sure that we still have our hands in the junk drawers, and we’re still building stuff to try out new ideas.

Speed, speed, speed, one of our mentors recently counseled. Fail fast!


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