The Hacker Heart of Shift

Last week I gave a talk at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University on “Hackademia: Leveraging the Conflict Between Expertise and Innovation to Create Disruptive Technologies”. The talk was about the ideas behind Shift, and the journey to starting this venture. It was about innovation, hackers, makers, and why some kinds of disruptive technology need to come out of places other than universities or industry labs. You can watch the talk here, though if you’re short on time (like everyone is), Ethan Zuckerman did his usual awesome liveblogging job here (thanks, Ethan!)

This was a first pass at this talk, and there will be others in coming months. I loved the questions I got, and I also loved the emails that came my way afterwards — including from some docs who were excited about our work and want to join us!

Thanks to my hosts at Berkman and the fantastic audience.


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